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Commitment Leads to Success

By Sue Averill

So I'm a "remedial 10-weeker". I first attempted Farrell's 10 week challenge during the Fall 2016 session, but I dropped out after only two weeks. I look back on my first attempt, and its easy to pinpoint what went wrong. My body would have absolutely been capable of rising to the challenge, of pushing through the kickboxing and strength training classes. But what I struggled with was a bad-attitude-monster and a priority problem. I was facing negativity and stress both at work and in my personal life; and there was a lot on my plate. Throughout my life, whenever I've had to juggle too many things, taking care of my body has always been low on the priority list. I'm also a caregiver by profession, and I have a tendency to put taking care of others ahead of taking care of myself.

Since working out felt like a chore, I felt cynical and unmotivated to eat right or get my butt to the gym. My attitude became poisonous to my efforts to improve my fitness. Even though I signed up for FXB... I had done so to "see how it goes", I hadn't committed to finish. Inevitably, I quit two weeks into the program. But quitting only made my self esteem sink even lower!

Six months passed and I put on another 10 pounds in ice cream and sugary Starbucks drinks. I was really angry at myself for quitting!! So I decided to give it another try, but this time with a re-prioritization and an attitude adjustment. I needed to stop viewing working out as a chore, and instead view it as the best part of my day.

Buddha said that "if your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete." Working out and caring for my body have now become my acts of self-compassion. Even when I'm struggling through the last three reps, or too exhausted that I don't think I can possibly do another burpee...I'm trying to view working out as an "I love you" to myself. This mentality has really helped me re-prioritize my health. This was the mentality that kept me going through both the Bolder Boulder and the Splash Dash! I felt great crossing the finish lines, because I ran at my very best, and I'd given it as a gift to myself.

All the coaches and instructors have been wonderful and supportive. My biggest goal is just to finish the 10 weeks strong. Week 8 is in the bag and I feel great. I'm in the home stretch and I know that I'm worth it, and I've got this!

Bolder Boulder4  IMG_0684

At Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping, our Centennial boot camp offers fitness classes 6 days per week.  Our boot camp classes will allow you to add muscle, lose fat and transform your body.  Our 10-week fitness challenge includes kickboxing classes, strength training and nutrition guidance to help you reach all of your health and fitness goals.

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