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Farrell's Members Kick Off a Colorful Race Season

It is that time of year that our members show off the hard work that they put in during kickboxing and strength training classes by participating in various fun runs and obstacle course races. The first race of the season for these Farrell's FIT members was the Graffiti Run.
Dressed in white, runners completed a 5k while being douse with bright colors along the way. We asked FXB Centennial members how the boot camp style fitness classes that they attend daily helped them during this particular race...


This was my first 5k and without Farrell's, I would have never considered participating in one. Now I have the energy, strength and confidence. -Jack

Along with weight loss and the ease of movement that comes with it, Farrell's also helps build my endurance. I tried a 5K a few years ago pre-Farrell's and was dying by the end of the race. My legs killed me the rest of the day and I was miserable. This time the race was fun not only because we got pelted with colored powder, but it was so much easier as my body was able to endure it with no problem. -Kayla

When I first joined Farrell’s I couldn’t even jog a lap during the Week One assessment. I walked the mile in 15:15 that first Saturday. By the Week Five assessment, I had knocked 2 minutes off my time and by the Week Ten assessment, I ran most of the mile and got it done in 11:56! Working out at Farrell’s made me believe that I could not just enter a 5K, but run one! Farrell’s has improved my endurance dramatically and the accountability of my team made all the difference. The friendships are an added bonus! -Stephanie

Farrell's prepared me for this race just by kicking my butt everyday! I didn't "practice" for this race at all. The only cardio I did was kickboxing every other day. I was able to run for the most part but we all just went out there and did it and had fun! -Jasmine

Farrell's helped to prepare me for this because of the people. The group that ran is the same group of people that push me 6 days a week in our fitness classes, so when we were doing this race, it was no different. They were pushing me in the same way! The best part of the day was a moment that I had during the run where I got a little emotional thinking that 4 months ago I didn't know any of the people in this group but now I can't imagine not knowing them! I have Farrell's to thank for that! Next on the agenda, the Spartan Race in Breckenridge at the end of August! -Shelby

When asked about the best part of the race, the answer was unanimous and said best by Kayla....the people! Doing it together with my peeps! Prior to the race the color started flying. People would see you had a color on you that they didn't and would ask for a hug or to wipe your hands on their shirt. It was a lot of fun!

By taking bootcamp classes with the same people every day, these members knew how and when to push each other through that finish line. Great job team!


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