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New Year, New Successes

It’s that time of year again and you have made your new resolutions and goals. Although we love new starts and challenging goals, we hope you’re making goals all year long! Once you complete a goal, you should be deciding a new one to tackle!

Setting goals usually isn’t too difficult, but achieving them is where it can become a little challenging. To ensure success with all your goal-setting throughout this next year, follow these simple tips for success!

Goal-Setting Tips for Success:
  1. Keep it realistic. Many people approach goals in the “go big or go home” mindset, but most times, those goals are unrealistic; especially when short time frames are attached to them. When making goals, consider whether they are something you can realistically do within your lifestyle.
  2. Break it down. If you have a goal that may take half the year (or maybe even longer), break it down into smaller goals. These could be monthly or even weekly goals that work towards your bigger goal. For example, you want to run a half marathon by the end of the year. Start training each week and work up to build your endurance.
  3. Visualize it. We’re not asking you to get your arts and craft supplies out, but being able to see your goal is great motivation and acts as a friendly reminder. Write down yours goals and keep them somewhere visible that you see every day. The refrigerator, your bathroom mirror, your wallet, etc. You can even add reminders on your phone or computer calendars of what you need to do!
  4. Share them. Like our coaches in our fitness classes who keep you accountable, tell your friends and/or family about your goals so they can help keep you on track and remind you why you wanted to set that goal in the first place!
  5. Celebrate! When you have completed a goal, make sure to reward yourself and celebrate. You don’t need to overdo or possibly undo anything you’ve just achieved, but make sure you acknowledge that you completed your goal!
  6. Make a new goal. The most successful people are those that continually make goals. Once you’ve completed a goal, make a new one. If your last goal was long-term, maybe your new goal is simpler and short-term. 

Have you set a fitness goal that you have yet to start? Contact us today. We would love to help you through our kickboxing and strength training classes. Our coaches and instructors are always eager to help and they continue to support all members to not only achieve their goals, but to continuously set new goals.


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Patricia T.
Sun, Jun 24, 2018
Patricia T.
Every year we makes resolutions and trying to achieve the goals as well. There are lots of people able to achieve the goals and very satisfied with their life as well. New Year brings the new opportunities and everyone should try to reach them. Sharing cheapessayservice goal setting tips are pretty excellent.

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