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Setting Goals

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Whether you are a long-time FIT member or a new member to our fitness program, it’s important to continue to set goals for yourself to reach success. These goals don’t have to be big. In fact, the smaller the goal, the more likely you are to achieve it and create more goals.

In addition, they don’t have to be long-term goals. The best recipe for success is setting small, achievable goals every week. Those may lead up to a larger goal, but breaking it into smaller steps will make it easier to accomplish.

What are some good examples of goals to set?

  • Follow Your Meal Plan. Once you’ve completed your 10-week session, members sometimes feel it’s okay to add in another “fun day” or not worry as much about missing a day. You just made remarkable progress over the course of your 10 weeks, don’t start caving in now! Continue your meal planning and make small adjustments as needed. If you’re a long-time FIT member and haven’t been as good with your nutrition, consider starting up a food log again to see where you can make improvements.

  • Get to Every Class. Did you read our blog post about the “6 Habits of Successful Farrell’s Members”? This is one of those six habits and is very important. Make it a goal to attend every kickboxing and strength training class or set your goal to make it to at least 5 fitness classes a week. The more you go, the more routine it becomes.

  • Pick an Outside of the Gym Goal. If you’re looking for additional challenges, find one outside of the gym you can work towards, like a fun 5K run or walk. This may be a longer-term goal, but set your weekly goal to walk or run so many minutes each week or day to prepare for it.

  • Join a FIT Challenge. Have you ever participated in a FIT Challenge? These are fun FIT member-only challenges to bring that competitive spirit back out to win a prize while continuing to push your fitness limits.

  • Join the National Challenge! If you recently finished your 10-week boot camp session, consider enrolling in our National Challenge for a chance to win a grand prize of $10,000! This is definitely a long-term goal, but one that is no different from your 10-week challenge; it’s just tracking your transformation over the course of one year.

Voted a Top 5 gym by Denver A-list, Farrell’s 10-week fitness challenge is a group fitness program that combines fitness kickboxing classes, cardio classes, strength training and nutrition guidance to give you a complete body transformation. Our certified and motivating instructors guide you through every step of our body sculpting workouts to get you the fitness results you want. Our program works and benefits every fitness level, men and women, from beginner to advanced.

Want to see how much you can transform your body in our 10-week fitness challenge at our Centennial boot camp? Contact us today!


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