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My personal commitment to myself, the Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping program, and our Bloomington
Indiana Farrell’s family has improved my quality of life FAR beyond what I could have ever imagined.
From an early age, I developed a very destructive relationship with food. I began to recognize in my teen years that it wasn’t a good or healthy relationship. That doesn’t mean I began to take the steps needed to correct what was happening. I was very active. Therefore, eating whatever I wanted didn’t physically affect me, but it clearly was mentally causing damage, ultimately leading to long-term affects.

Julia Before Farrell's, Ages 18-22

(Julia, aged 18 -22)

At 23, I could no longer eat whatever I wanted and maintain the physical appearance of being an example of “jaded” health. I become pregnant with my first child. My mindset was, “I’m going to get fat anyway, but since I’m so active it will be easy to get off.” Well, if that’s not a load of crap!! But that’s what my 23-yr-old mindset was. I gained 85 lbs. NO fault to pregnancy, but fault to a damaged mindset regarding my relationship with food and health. At age 25, I became pregnant with my second child. During that pregnancy, I packed on another 35lbs. To add to my health issues, a few months after having my second child I was diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully, the cancer was able to be removed without the need for chemotherapy or radiation treatments. But sadly by that time, I weighed a total of 306 pounds.

Julia Before FarrellsI quickly fast tracked to fad diets and pills for a “quick fix”. This roller coaster went on for about 5 years. I was severely depressed, unhappy, extremely anxious, suffering in my career, and looking for anyone or anything to blame for my quality of life other than myself. I suffered a traumatic separation from my children’s father during that time, after 11 years. That was one of the lowest points of my life. Failure was all around me, but yet I refused to give up. My rocks were my children, along with the support and love of my immediate family. Faced with single parenting, maintaining a household and stable environment for my kids, I was overwhelmed beyond what I chose to recognize. I had severe internal issues I refused to face at that time. I thought that if I can just be thin again my life would be perfect and I’d be happy. But yet again, that was the mindset of my younger more naive self.

In 2008, I caught wind of a doctor that helped with weight loss through a pill. So, of course, still in the mindset that a pill can “fix” me, I went to see the doctor. I was given a prescription for one month. If I didn’t lose each month at weigh in, I wasn’t given another refill. At that time, this was my ticket to my happiness and regaining my life and self-worth (or so I thought). In approx. 10 months on this pill coupled with a low-carb diet and walking 2-4 miles a day, I lost a total of 110 lbs. I felt on top of the world and I’d finally made it (whatever “it” is). HOWEVER, I hadn’t fixed the real issues. I lost the weight, but through a fad diet that wasn’t healthy or something I could sustain. While I obtained momentary happiness, it wasn’t happiness for a lifetime. My internal issues with food still remained locked up in the back of my mind.

Julia while on diet pill

(Julia, while using a diet pill)

Since I lost the “pregnancy” weight, getting down to around 190, I toggled between 200-225lbs from age 29-37. Always continuing to battle that internal destructive relationship with food. The go-to exercises I performed were Beachbody’s P90X or walking what seemed like a zillion miles to maintain and compensate for my eating habits. I enjoyed P90X, however found it difficult to sustain because it was performed in front of my TV and just became something I dreaded doing each day.

In September 2015, I received a promotion within my career field. While that was wonderful, it removed me from a fairly mobile and physical job, to a desk job. I was thriving within my career, but severe depression and social anxiety were slowing setting in again by early 2016. I began to compulsively eat/binge and consume alcohol more often than ever. So, not only was I still battling the food demon within, I had begun using alcohol to escape as well! I was in a complete nosedive. My mental health plummeted and my weight skyrocketed. By the end of 2016, I was back in the category of morbidly obese, displaying dangerous levels of anxiety and depression. When I began the Bloomington, IN Farrell’s winter session in January 2017 I weighed 274lbs.              

November 14, 2016 was when I joined a co-worker for a friends and family kickboxing class at Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping in Bloomington, IN. I was so anxious and argued mentally with myself about going until I walked in those doors. I saw the welcoming smiles, we giggled over the awesome music and was greeted with open arms, by name, and with zero judgment! I went back for additional friends and family sessions (lower body day and then another fitness kickboxing class). I was hooked!! The toughest part now was waiting for the winter session to begin in January. On day one of testing, I was pumped; nerves were gone and I was ready to kick start my life on a whole new level.

Before Starting Bloomington FarrellsGoing into the 10-week challenge, I had very high hopes and expectations. I was at a serious cross road. I finally had the courage to look in the mirror and face the “food demon” locked away in my mind with pure grit, Farrell’s support, and optimism! While in the past I may have failed, failure wasn’t an option any longer. Two choices; I had to dive into the unknown and begin this new journey to make the necessary changes OR continue living in denial of self-acceptance. I was screaming and literally crying for help! I made the right decision! I plunged into the unknown world of Farrell’s and have never once regretted it!

During my 10-week session, my coaches were instrumental in providing me positive, helpful, and constructive feedback regarding the food logs I submitted. Given my life history of sporadic eating habits coupled with my ability to workout like a mad woman to overcompensate, nutritional guidance was the most important aspect I had to focus upon. That is where the change needed to occur to ensure sustainability; something that I will have to continually improve upon and stay dedicated to. I’ve received great advice from coaches, members and 10-weekers.

It's simply amazing and indescribable how consistent fitness and healthy eating habits have enhanced my performance in all aspects of life, so far. Farrell’s is for the long haul, life changing and mind altering only if one is dedicated and driven enough to allow the program to work. Results will come in abundance through perseverance and consistent effort. This makes me so excited and eager to continue seeing life transformations as a FIT Member. I estimate I will reach my physical goal by Jan 2018. From there, I will find new ways to challenge myself physically and mentally.

Julia TodayThe Farrell’s 10-week program teaches about patience and persistence. This program is the furthest program from a fad diet or quick fix. We are changing destructive mindsets and habits that have developed over long periods of time. Those habits are not going to change overnight, or in a week! It is a day-to-day personal commitment! You do not build a house overnight. Health and fitness can be equated to the same aspect.

I speak so very highly of Farrell’s because it encompasses all aspects of fitness and healthy living. Farrell’s has challenged me beyond my limits and broken through barriers I’ve had up for years. This program and family have pushed me, unlocked doors, picked me up, encouraged me and what is SO vital, the Farrell’s family have supported me through tough times. I’ve been involved in various support groups and health programs in my time and Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping is by far the most encouraging, selfless, flexible, family-oriented, compassionate, caring and welcoming program. The core values Farrell’s is built upon shine through like a beacon to those in need of change or a renewing sense.

Julia at Bloomington IN Farrell's

Mentally, I feel I've made leaps and bounds. I no longer take medication for social anxiety. I tapped into the new part of myself since January. I took a stand against my own mind and proving to myself that I can do this and anything! While the most recent pictures I’ve shared may illustrate my physical transformation thus far in my Farrell’s lifelong journey, they do not reveal the mental transformation. I’m fairly certain, after reading my story you can gather how Farrell’s has and will continue to positively transform and challenge my life in areas both mentally and physically. That is exactly what it will do for each and every individual whom becomes committed to Farrell’s.

Julia is a FIT Member at our Bloomington, IN Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping location.


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